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The name ῥοῦς (Rous) encapsulates the concept of the restaurant. It is written in ancient Greek which translates to modern Greek as “flow”, “current”. The name reflects the owners’ aim to delineate the origins of their dishes, influenced by the flow of conquerors of Cyprus, who left in their passing their mark on our cooking traditions.

ῥοῦς (Rous) offers customers three different eating experiences:

  • The degustation menu: creative dishes, each of them inspired by Cyprus history (from the Stone Age to the present day)
  • Our “A La Carte menu”: pick the dishes you fancy the most, all dishes are based on (or inspired by) our degustation menu
  • The Chef’s table experience: for the first time in Nicosia, sit at the chef’s table and be served by our chef who will explain in detail each of the dishes.