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The Vegetarian Story


  • Beetroot / crumble nuts / pickled beetroot / beetroot cream / yogurt cream / beetroot meringue

  • Pumpkin / Quinoa / pumpkin seeds / raisins / goat cheese cream / Carob syrup vinaigrette

  • Gnocchi / parmesan cream / wild mushrooms / dried porcini consommé

  • Cauliflower steak / cauliflower textures / pine nuts

  • Risotto / mushrooms / parmesan / truffle

  • White chocolate Namelaka Cream / Caramelized apples / Apple pie ice cream

“The Vegetarian Story”

(Optional) Wine pairing (4 glasses)

Please inform us of any food allergies or special dietary requirements. (fasting, dairy-free diet, shellfish like oysters & scallops, nuts)



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