The Story Chapter VII

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The Story Chapter VII


“The Story” is only available Monday – Wednesday

  • Tuna tataki/ miso cream/ coriander/ mirin/ cucumber lime sorbet

  • White Asparagus/ egg yolk cream/ mango hollandaise

  • Tartare de boeuf/ golded potato/ egg yolk/ gherkin fluid gel

  • Gnocchi/ shimeji mushrooms/ peas/ parmesan cream/ porcini truffle consommé

  • Mushroom risotto/ parmesan cream/ truffle

  • Prawn risotto/ squid/ feta cream/ bisque foam

  • Cauliflower steak/ cauliflower textures/ pine nuts

  • Sea bass/ amaranth greens (vlita)/ zucchini puree/ mushroom/ dashi avgolemono

  • Pork tenderloin/ walnut-parsley crust/ briam/ yoghurt cream/ ‘’tavas’’ croquette/ jus

  • Beef cheek/ carrot ginger puree/ potato pave/ truffle pecorino/ beef jus

  • White chocolate namelaka cream/ caramelized apples/ apple pie ice cream

  • Strawberry tart/ pistachio/pastry-madagascar vanilla cream/ lemonade granite/ strawberry-yuzu sorbet

“The Story Chapter VII” €29.95

Wine pairing: 4 glasses of wine (35cl)

Ask your sommelier for more information+€19.95



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