6-course menu – Chapter XI

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6-course menu - Chapter XI


6-course menu

  • Red snapper tartar/ Granny Smith apple/ yuzu syrup gel/ ink tuile Vitello tonnato/ roast beef/ radish/ pine nuts/ fennel/ capper Cauliflower soup/ walnuts/ goat cheese

  • Mushroom/ anari ravioli/ parmesan cream/ shiitake jus or Lobster/ ink ravioli/ pomodoro lobster bisque/ fennel +8

  • Beef cheeks/ pumpkin ginger/ pickled pumpkin/ beef gyoza/ jus or Lamb chops/ grilled bok choy/ miso yogurt/ eggplant-tahini/ jus +10 or Beef Fillet-Scotch Prime/ potato dauphinoise/ grilled broccolini/ peanuts (220gr) +14

  • Coffee chocolate/ chocolate mousse/ coffee sponge/ Mascarpone/ berries/ coffee ice cream or Peach crème/ caramel/ peach sorbet/ caramelized peaches/ lemon balm

«6-course menu – Chapter XI» €52

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Quintessential pairing €40

Dare & Explore €75

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+ €40

+ €75

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